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21-Day Total body toning online fitness program at Domumgym | LIVE | Week 1 Day 1 Legs

Today is the first day of our total body toning online fitness program at Domumgym. Get ready to push for 21 days. This is going to test your strength, mobility, and your accountability.

Total Body Toning | Week 1 | Day 1 | Legs

Starting the week off right, we have our leg workout. We are also doing a mobility and activation workout. You’ll notice the structure of our workouts throughout the program will include multiple parts, beginning with a steady state cardio of your choice to get your blood pumping and elevate your heart rate.

Next, we mobilize the body and activate the muscles before moving into our warm-up sets. Remember, you’ll want to note your warm-up sets and what weight we use because in the upcoming weeks we will need something to measure our progress.

Part 1 ] 3-5 minutes of steady state cardio (such as walking, running, jump rope, bike, rowing, etc.)

Part 2] Lower Body Mobility:

Part 3] Lower Body Activation:

Part 4] Warm-Up Sets: Do 2-3 minutes of 2-3 Reps of Goblet Squats then increase your weight and do 5 Reps

Part 5] LOWER BODY EMOM (20 Minutes, work 45 seconds on every minute) -RDL -Banded Frog Pumps -Alternating Reverse Lunges -Heavy Kettlebell Swings -Heavy Goblet Squats

Feel free to comment on this blog post to utilize it as your fitness journal and keep notes of the workout or write it down in a journal. Note your weight, how you feel, the length of your workouts, and anything else you notice.

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Get FREE Domumgym merch and full access to the entire 21-Day Total Body Toning Program plus all of my workouts on Domumgym by subscribing. I add new workouts (outside of this program) twice a week and new programs are added 1-2 times annually, alternating between full follow-along programs and written + demonstration programs.

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