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A week in the life of kettlebell Coach and fitness instructor Greensboro NC

I always find it interesting how different people in different professions structure their weeks and what a typical week looks like for them. I guess, in a way, this is more for me than it is for you, but it might be insightful to someone looking to become a fitness coach - so here we are! A week in the life of a kettlebell coach! Read on to see what a typical week looks like for me as I balance a full-time job, studying for an additional kettlebell certification, coach kettlebell classes online and in person, and also maintain my social life, volunteering, and traveling!

A Week in the Life of a Group Fitness Instructor Greensboro, NC


Sundays I like to think of as "me" days. It's the start of a new week and like most people, I enjoy setting up the tone of my week by using Sundays to take care of myself.

Usually, these days are slower-paced, with absolutely no outlined schedule. The morning might start with an easy workout such as yoga or mobility work. I enjoy a late breakfast (usually around 10 AM) breakfast and do some cleaning.

If it's very nice, the majority of my Sunday might be spent out at the pool or at the lake, reading, listening to my podcasts, or going for a walk. I also might meal prep a bit and tend to really focus on putting effort into cooking each meal. My skincare and hair routine are pretty lengthy on these days as well. I do a lot of masks and treatments while I catch up on a show during my breakfast.


Mondays for a busy professional are tough. I wake up around 7 or 7:30 and start off my week with an intense workout. I get ready for the day of work by first making a well-balanced breakfast and some tea and I sit down at my laptop around 9 or 9:30 to catch up on work from over the weekend.

Typically, on my lunch, I will plan the workouts for the upcoming week to be filmed and what I'll teach the upcoming Saturday for the class in Greensboro at Find Your Flow Studio. After planning, I like to take a walk at the lake (depending on the weather and now hours are changing so Mondays it will be closed) or read a bit.

When I end my workout (I like to shut everything off around 5), I spend about an hour in my kettlebell training class right now because I am gaining additional kettlebell training certifications. I like to spend an hour each weekday going through this.


Okay, so Tuesdays are the days I tend to film a workout to be uploaded to the FEE website on-demand library as well as the days I tend to practice the upcoming class I will teach that Saturday. This is where I practice the moves, time the workout appropriately, and go through specific queuing.

fitness instrucotr greensboro nc


On Wednesdays, I double-check I have supplies for my upcoming class including sanitizing wipes for clients to wipe down their equipment. I like to provide these as a courtesy and the members are more than happy to clean their own mats and bells they used. It also just saves the studio owners from having to do that. I'll hand these out at the end of class. I also have to study some more kettlebell training and head around 5 to go to dinner and weekly trivia in Whitsett!


I normally make Thursdays like primary days to do some research and dive into reviewing things from previous classes. The goal, for me, is to continuously improve my knowledge, as well as improve as a fitness coach. I want to be a good fitness instructor, with an uplifting and motivational personality, who can help almost every single member who sets foot in one of my classes. It's also editing day. Remember that video we filmed Tuesday? Yup, today's the day to edit it and go ahead and get it ready to upload. I usually upload on either Friday or Monday.

Also, if there's good weather, I'll be at the lake!


Hello, Friday! Most Fridays I will either work from the coffee shop, or I have volunteer work on Fridays until about 1 or 2.

I need to pack for Saturday morning's class and make sure my mic pack is charged up, and lay out what I'll be wearing. I also take a minute to review the workout we'll be doing, just so that I don't get confused when I get in there (LOL) and I choose which playlist we will have for the class. Friday evenings might be spent with friends or I tend to take Fridays off and spend time outside or over at a friend's.


First things first, get ready for class. Shower, dress, devotions, drink some tea, and load the car, class starts at 10 AM and I like to be there a bit early to set things up.

After class, I usually come home and shower, then the rest of the day is spent adventuring, at the bookstore, grabbing coffee, at the lake, and/or with friends.

I know it looks more simplified on paper (screen?), and it's truly not that bad with my job and the flexibility of working remotely, and the fact that I have everything planned. Things are constantly being written down and sent to myself to be extra careful nothing is forgotten. And with this said, if you're ever able to, I hope you'll join me for a class one morning. I'll talk to ya'll soon!

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