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Foundational TRAINING

The KettleBelle is the perfect place to start your fitness journey and make the most of your time in the gym.

kettlebell trainer faith engen ellis burlington nc


Founder and Southern Belle, Faith Engen Ellis, has been training with kettlebells for over 5 years and is passionate about helping others discover their potential and joy for bells.

Hi, ya'll! 👋

I'm Faith, your certified kettlebell coach, go-to motivator, and the founder of The KettleBelle. I reside in the beautiful and growing city of Burlington, North Carolina and LOVE it.

With so many fitness programs and platforms out there, I'm thrilled to see you here! I don't mess around with crazy stuff, my goal is to provide you with the tools necessary for a happy, healthy life and a safe, effective workout regimen. I focus on getting you solid in the foundations of kettlebell movements, and then progressing from there.

I encourage you to be YOU. Be YOUnique. Be-YOU-tiful. This is YOUR workout, do not compare it to the person beside of you. Do what your body can do and modify or progress as needed for YOU.

Let's have some fun, come and join me! 💜

Find her in Greensboro, North Carolina on Saturdays at 10AM for in-person classes and in Burlington, NC for pop-up events!

kettlebell on demand classes near me

Faith Engen Ellis

Specializing in Kettlebell Training


  • BA in Communications

  • MS in Higher Education

  • Certified in Kettlebell Training through NESTA and Living.Fit LV 2

  • Currently working on Living.Fit Kettlebell Certification Level III



Come join us online or in Burlington and surrounding areas today!

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