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Are You New to Kettlebells? Start Here with my Kettlebell Foundations Class on Domumgym

In my 8 or so years of fitness, I began practicing kettlebells probably 5 years ago and I fell in love. I used to do a lot of cardio and weightlifting, but lifting weights I would get so bored and so much cardio caused me to lose my curves and my booty.

When I began tossing around kettlebells, I was intimidated but intrigued. They are different, but I am in love now. They are a combination of strength, cardio, and endurance and a joy to play with. People compliment me on my arms, legs, abs, and even my butt and ask me what I do. When I tell them I mostly practice kettlebells they are surprised.

I think the most surprising thing is the variety of movements you can do using these babies. Yes, you can “weightlift” with kettlebells and basically replace dumbbell movements with them. But things like kettlebell flows, circuits, EMOMs, even popcorns can really build your strength, endurance, shred fat, and put your mind to the test too!

Start Here if you are New to Kettlebells

If you are brand new to kettlebells, I posted a new workout to Domumgym last week that is a foundations class. This breaks down some key kettlebell movements. I walk you through how to set them up, teach you more about your bell, and even practice drills and circuits in the video. It’s perfect for beginners.

Once you have your foundation, feel free to checkout more of my workouts to continue practicing and leveling up. You can always message me on Instagram with questions, I love hearing from ya’ll!

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