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Best Fitness and Nutrition Apps

Best Fitness and Nutrition Apps

There are so many fitness and nutrition apps in the app store, many of them are already free. How do you choose which one to download? It depends on your goals. Let’s look at some of the best fitness and nutrition apps I use and talk about the fitness and nutrition apps I still use today.

Best Fitness and Nutrition Apps for Android

I will admit, all of these fitness and nutrition apps are going to be free from the Google Playstore. If you are an Apple user, I apologize, I am not, and realize what is free in Google may not be on Apple.

Punchlab Fitness App

I currently have this app and I LOVE it! The Punchlab fitness app is a free application with boxing and kickboxing workouts from 10 minutes to an hour-long, The workouts are free and without ads, but you could purchase the program which comes with a free belt you could put on your punching bag to track your strikes. I have not purchased it yet, but I am about to so I can get in on the live classes. For the year it is under $50.

I really like that you can use it anywhere and love the step-by-step coaching that is offered throughout the workouts. I really hope they keep adding more workouts and tactical training, I do think this is more intermediate to advance because I haven’t had a workout teach you how to stand yet. If you have never boxed before, you could be lost.

My other question is if paying for it only gives me access to live classes or if there are more classes purchasing it would release. I noticed many live classes take place around 1 my time and I don’t know how many times I would be able to attend. Still, if I made one class a week, that’s less than a dollar a week in hindsight!

MyFitnessPal Weight Loss App

I am certain nearly everyone has heard of MyFitnessPal the weight loss app by now. I have used this since at least 2017 and yes I still have it! It is a great way to track your goals including your weight, calories, and macronutrients.

I will say, tracking can trigger some people and is hit and miss with me personally. Sometimes it makes me feel bad, other times I feel structured and in control. Just be careful.

MyFitnessPal is really easy and has the biggest database of food, so tracking is simple. There is a premium paid version that offers access to meal plans, recipes, and more personalized goals. I haven’t used this feature, therefore I am not certain how customized their meal plans are, but it is $49.99 for the year with a 1-month free trial.

Noom Nutrition App

Noom for weight loss is a nutrition app that uses science and psychology to approach losing weight differently. I no longer have this app but used it for about a year. I will say, I found it helpful and encouraging and would go back to it if it weren’t so expensive.

The Noom app will require work on your part to do things each day with intention. That’s another thing. Toward the end, I just went through the motions to check things off, but I wasn’t actually applying them to my life and you have to with Noom.

I believe the program is $60 a month, which is quite expensive in my opinion. But I do like the approach and that is goes beyond that of food. Many of us use food to cope with other, deeper emotions. Noom is supposed to help dive into that. Would I ever use it again? I did feel as though the coach who checks in was more robotic (even though they are real) and frankly would probably choose to go to a registered dietician or food psychologist before I use Noom again.

HEF Training App

HEF Training App is Hannah Eden’s fitness app. If you don’t know her, Hannah is a fitness entrepreneur and she used to own PumpFit Club, a fitness boutique. She’s been everywhere and is primarily known for her HIIT and Kettlebell workouts.

She has an online format and the app, which is $14.99 a month for her archive of workouts, with a new workout every weekday. It also has her Get Peeled Podcast and if you purchase her eBook workout programs, they will be on the app as well.

I really like Hannah, her workouts, and her training style so I have and have been using the HEF Training App as part of my regular fitness routine.

21 Days Wellness App

The 21 Days Challenge App is something new I downloaded. I like to think of it as a wellness app because it focuses on different things. Basically, you download it, choose a 21-day challenge, and work it daily.

The challenges can be a Positive Mindset, A Nighttime or Morning Routine, there are self-care challenges, sleep, couples, no junk food, etc. It’s really about wellness and life improvements.

There are also links to blogs based on your current challenge and community challenges, such as 21 Movies, Drinking Water, etc.

Now there is a premium version that allows for wallpapers you can download and basically to support the app for $11 bucks a year if you want! I am really enjoying it!

What is your favorite fitness and nutrition app?

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