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Healthy Skin – How Exercise Causes Skincare Damage and How to Prevent It

How do you get healthy skin? Like most aspects of exercise, you have heard the possibilities about exercise causing skin damage. However, is there any information on how it causes damage? Moreover, how to prevent skin damage? Thus, this article will help you answer those questions.

How Exercise can Damage Healthy Skin

First, it’s important to understand how exercise can cause skin damage. Overall, there are three common causes of skin damage during exercise. Keep reading to see how you can preserve healthy skin and improve its’ look and feel.

Sweating can cause irritation and breakouts

If you are like me, you sweat – a lot. Given that this is the body’s way of cooling off, sweating is important and healthy. Unfortunately, as sweat sits on the skin, it can cause damage by irritation. Ultimately, the sweat clogs the pores and suffocates your skin. In detail, the blockage can result in redness and breakouts.

Skin damage by elasticity breakdown

If you are an athlete who enjoys high impact training, you know you need a sports bra. But what about for your face? That is to say, jumping can cause a breakdown in the elasticity of the skin. Ultimately, the training can promote sagging of the skin as the elasticity is tested.

Stress can make skin conditions worse

When we stress, levels of cortisol increase. Consequently, these stress hormones break down collagen and can cause inflammation. In addition, we carry a lot of stress in our brows. In that case you might find that it can cause forehead wrinkles.

How to Keep Healthy Skin

Next, we will be talking about ways to keep your skin healthy. Immediately put these suggestions into action to improve and preserve your skin.

Workout in the right environment

If you workout outside, protect your skin. To do this, wear a protection such as sunscreen or check if your makeup contains an SPF. Also, wear sunglasses and a hat if you can.

Clean Your face

With attention to sweating causing breakouts, clean your face. After every workout, be sure to wash your skin. Whether you notice you sweat a lot or not.

Use a fresh towel

Obviously, you are using a towel to pat the sweat from your eyes during your session. But are you re-using this towel? Try to use a fresh towel each session, which will also help prevent breakouts.

Healthy skin needs hydration

Generally speaking, hydration is extremely important for healthy skin. It is so simple yet so effective. Overall hydration keeps skin smooth, hydrated, and elastic. But your skin isn’t the only thing that benefits. Ultimately, your entire body needs to stay hydrated.

Do not over train

Moreover, over training can cause stress. As mentioned earlier, stress is damaging to our skin. Be sure to take rest days appropriately and reset your body.

Use proper shock absorption for healthy skin

If you do high intensity training, use proper shock absorption. This is important to look for in your ground and footwear. If you do a lot of jumping, be sure that this isn’t performed on hard surfaces. Alternatively, do the workout on a mat in order to soften the blow.

Try some facial yoga

In reality, yoga is good for the whole body. It increases blood flow and improves flexibility. But what about facial yoga? This releases tension and improves collagen.

What are some of your tips for Healthy Active Skin? Comment below to share.

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