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How to Make Exercise Fun with JACFIT Sports Devices and Gaming Apps

I am very particular about which brands I will vouch for and collaborate with. When a company called JACFIT reached out, I was intrigued about their product, a device to make exercise more fun through integrating their sports devices with workout equipment and using their app to be more engaged.

After further research, I was excited! A BIG complaint I hear with people when it comes to exercise is that they get bored and can’t stick to it. Listen, I understand. I hate running for precisely this, I get bored. But JACFIT is changing that.

Do remember the WII Fit? Think of that but using more modern technology. Keep reading to learn about what JACFIT is, how it works, their app, and how to get it. Let’s go!

JACFIT Sports Devices and App to TWIST Traditional Exercise

What is JACFIT?

JACFIT believes that it’s no fun to exercise alone. I gotta say, it definitely takes more self-motivation. With this, the company set out to bridge the gap and make exercise more fun and exciting and keep you motivated.

Connection, motivation, competition, innovation – “Using AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things)-enabled technology, JACFIT is continuously finding ways to make exercise a digital and social experience.”

Whether it’s running or biking, JACFIT integrations will make your at-home workouts more fun and I can attest to that as I tried the JRun device, made for your runs. It was easy to startup and wrap around my ankle and jump (or run) right in. The JRun device was also very comfortable to wear, the strap is extremely lightweight and it isn’t itchy.

I want to talk more about the features that are on the JACFIT app and how it does make working out more fun.

How Does JACFIT Make Exercise More Fun?

The setup of the device and the app are really simple. In the video below, you can see the whole process.

I do not currently have a treadmill or a bike, but you simply strap the JRun sensor on your ankle and I have Google Chromecast, so you cast the JACFIT app through your Google Home.

After that, you can choose from a solo run, Tournament, or Party, where you invite friends and can compete. If you wanted to, you could certainly take it outside and leave the app running on your phone, but that is up to you.

The app will also let you know where you are in terms of calories, time, and distance, which I really like.

Another cool feature is that you have the option to do cardio. In the run, at the bottom right will be an option where you can switch to perform cardio moves such as Stork Taps, Standing Abs, Jump Rope, Skater Jumps, Jumping Lunges, and more.

JACFIT updates the app regularly too. There are not only new scenes, avatars, but also there are more and more cardio courses and routes.

About the JACFIT App

The app is free to download and easy to use. Once you download it, you can signup with Google, Facebook, or an email. From there, simply choose Run or Bike. It will try to find your JRun or JBike device so be sure that is one and connect!

When you get connected, you can go through and personalize your avatar with things that include clothes, shoes, skin tone, etc. That makes things more game-like and fun! Then all you will do is choose if you are solo, playing in a tournament, or party.

Choose your route. You will see the length of the route and the estimated time it takes to complete that route. Shorter routes are easier. From there you start and get moving!

I also think it is worth mentioning, with Tournament and Party, you can chat with other people too. That is pretty cool!

Where to Buy JACFIT Devices

I got mine directly from the website. You can choose the JRun, JBike, or purchase the combo set for a STEAL!

If you happen to purchase, comment below – I am excited to hear about your thoughts one these devices.

As always, thank you for listening and I hope you subscribe to my YouTube and follow the JACFIT team!

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