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LOSE WEIGHT IMMEDIATELY with the Tracey Anderson Method: is it a SCAM?!

I did a YouTube video a few months ago after seeing a frankly horrific Facebook feed about the Tracey Anderson Method and it is getting SO MUCH HATE – I feel famous.

What did I say and why is it being hated so badly? What is the Tracey Anderson Method and who is Tracey Anderson? Let’s spill some tea.

The Tracey Anderson Method

The Tracey Anderson Method basically focuses on accessory muscles. These muscles are basically duplicate muscles. Exercises that are smaller and more focused (think bent over rows and reverse lunges) can be defined as an accessory or auxiliary exercises. While they certainly have their benefits, they are just one of many types of movements to be doing for a well-rounded and balanced workout program. But Tracey claims these moves are basically the holy grail to weight loss and a toned physique. And while, sure, with proper nutrition and depending upon your body type, they could be. But remember, proper nutrition and a low body fat percentage is always key and it always will be.

Who is Tracey Anderson

Tracey Anderson is a dancer and celebrity trainer. Now what kills me most is how she has no credentials, and that is most alarming when it comes to someone training (“training”) as many people as she is.

Emily Shugarman did an article and said about a new studio that opened in 2017,

“The two co-owners’ preferred training programme sounds somewhat like a form of medieval torture: one hour of cardio followed by one hour of strength training, six days a week.

It’s also not exactly backed up by science.

According to a New York Times profile of the trainer, she has no certification in fields like exercise physiology or teaching, because she’d rather dedicate her time to “research and development of the method”.”

All I am saying is that if I am paying that much money, you better believe I want a professional with the proper credentials to back it up. It does matter.

My Tracey Anderson Video and What I Said

Back in February, this ad popped up in my feed:

I began reading the comments, one must have caught my attention because I never read ads. Here are a few:

Many of them seem to have since been deleted which is incredibly intriguing because in my video you can hear me read off different responses from their social media community. Even in the video, I mention a user had said “There’s no way that’s just from these workouts” and now I cannot find that comment. Are they filtering comments? That is sketchy for a company to only keep “positive” comments.

Final Thoughts

I want to clarify, no I am not “bashing” Tracey, it isn’t anything personal against her or any other celebrity trainer. The issue is the misinformation, mainly her social media team is providing, that everyone will look like her from simply doing her workouts and frankly, she, like many others, are simply out to make fast money. It is what it is. I can understand that. People who know me in real life know that I am a huge supporter of not just women but people striving for their goals and dreams in general. I am not set out to destroy people. But I am set out to urge people to proceed with caution and use common sense. Whether you are training with me, another trainer, Beach Body, I don’t care, even 1:1 face-to-face. Consult professionals, talk with your doctor and listen to your body. Health and fitness do not have to be expensive and it is not one size fits all.

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