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What is a Kettlebell Flow? Kettlebell Flow Foundations for Beginners

If you’ve ever heard of kettlebell flows or been curious but unsure where to start, keep reading and join our kettlebell flow foundations class below. You can also find more of my workouts on!

What is a Kettlebell Flow?

First things first, what is a kettlebell flow? Kettlebell flows mean taking multiple moves and “flowing” from one right into the other. One flow might equal one repetition. For example, a swing, snatch, squat, clean, and press could be a flow – seamlessly moving from one to the other, from start to finish for a single repetition.

Why Should you Practice Kettlebell Flows?

Why would anybody want to practice kettlebell flows? Are there benefits? Absolutely! First off, kettlebell flows are fun and creative. They are beneficial because you can get a kickass workout all-inclusive, focused on endurance and strength, basically condensed versus doing circuit-style workouts.

We will walk through the following and practice drills incorporating what we learn:

  1. Kettlebell Swings Breakdown

  2. Kettlebell Cleans Breakdown

  3. Kettlebell Transitions and Swing Switch

Designing a Kettlebell Flow Workout

If you want to play around with designing your own kettlebell flow workout, allow yourself to get creative. First, think of what moves you want to add in. Practice those, and make sure you know your movements individually before stitching them together in a flow.

Next, work to ensure the moves are aligned properly so that they do in fact “flow”. For example, swings and cleans (as we discuss in the video above) are great to put into moving from one move to the next. It can be hard to flow from some moves into another so just think about the structure when you’re putting it together and have fun with it.

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