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The KettleBelle Online Kettlebell Classes Burlington NC Kettlebell Kings

Southern Charm. Iron Strong.

The KettleBelle

Experience kettlebell training with kettlebell classes online and on-demand. New workout plans are released every month!

Why We Believe In Kettlebell Training

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The KettleBelle of Burlington, North Carolina believes in empowering our clients to reach their goals through our online kettlebell classes. With a focus on kettlebell fundamentals, our classes are perfect for beginners to advanced. Kettlebell training provides:







With a wide variety of options, our kettlebell classes and programs are designed for efficiency and mastering the kettlebell foundations before progressing. Take a kettlebell class today!

Total body workout

Improved strength, endurance, mobility, balance

Versatility and convenience

Functional movement that mimics real-life movements

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What Folks Are Sayin'

Hear what our clients have to say about their workouts and their experiences.

"Your class has been so great!"


Endurance Class

"The Endurance has been perfect!"


In Person Class

"The in person endurance was perfect!"


In Person Class

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Meet Your 

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10+ years in the fitness industry, 5+ years in kettlebell training

NESTA and Living Fit certified

North Carolina native, founder of The KettleBelle

"My mission is to help people fall in love with kettlebells and realize that exercise is more about the physical benefits, but it improves our emotional and mental health as well."

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