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Staying Fit While Traveling: 5 Workout Tips During Travel

Staying Fit While Traveling: 5 Workout Tips During Travel by The KettleBelle

When I went to Europe my biggest fear was not having my kettlebell and I had to improvise on staying fit while traveling. I've traveled locally and have taken my kettlebell. They're an easy tool to implement, even on the go! But without it, what was a girl to do?

In this article, I am sharing how to stay fit while traveling and my top 5 workout tips during travel. Whether you are exploring locally or internationally, keep reading to learn more!

Keep workouts basic during travel

My first workout tip during travel is to keep workouts basic during travel. Basic, old-school exercises are effective and can be done from literally anywhere!

I think many people have a tendency to overthink their workouts in general. Basic workouts have their place as well. Think about things you can do that incorporate exploring your new surroundings.

For example, while I was in Germany, many people rented bikes to tour the English Gardens. An hour of biking can burn upwards of 500 calories and you get the benefit of sightseeing! Similarly, you can book a hike as one of your excursions and experience the area while getting outside and getting active. Just be sure to apply your sunscreen, and bug spray, and pack a good pair of walking shoes!

Stay fit with mini loops

As you may know, I am a sucker for some mini loops and they provide a solid little workout. They are also lightweight and take up very little space in your suitcase. I packed mine in my carry-on!

You can stay fit with mini loops, resistance bands, and resistance loops to work the glutes, arms, core, and even the chest (banded flies). They provide extra resistance without the bulk of weights.

I used mine in the airport and the hotel to work on my glutes a bit. Ya'll know I am serious about my glute gains.

Use on-demand fitness platforms

If you are traveling, you can stay fit with on-demand fitness platforms. Now, if you are traveling internationally, make sure you have a solid data plan. But if you are traveling locally, you can have access to literally millions of workouts across the internet.

While I would love for you to join my platform, you've probably just spent all of your money on a plane ticket. That said, there are basically an unlimited amount of platforms that offer free workouts. For example, you can checkout my YouTube profile where I do post some workouts frequently with little or no equipment.

Walk everywhere you can

The great thing about traveling internationally is that they typically have areas that are much easier to walk versus the USA. When I was in Europe, I could walk for nearly everything I needed in Venice, Austria, Murich, and although I was outside of the city in Lucerne, the town was near my hostel and it was super easy to get out and navigate.

I will be honest. One day while in Austria, I was going to grab a day pass for the gym next-door. I did not. Literally 98% of my physical activity was solely via walking and climbing. I easily walked 20,000 (I believe it was double that) every single day I was there, even with the public transportation I took.

My point is, if you absolutely cannot take any equipment, or if you don't want to take special time out of your adventures for a workout, walk everywhere you can. You might lose some muscle, but it'll keep you active and fit in the meantime.

Embrace rest days

Which brings me to my last travel tip: embrace rest days. Seriously, travel takes a toll on the body and this is your life. Don't overwhelm yourself to workout and take away from the experience. Indulge in local cuisine, but moderate that with proper hydration and nutrients to ensure your body is in optimal condition.

Even when I am home, I do not rest enough. If our bodies aren't resting, we continue to break down the same muscle and aren't allowing it time to repair and grow. Isn't that counterproductive? Of course, it is! Rest days aren't days where you lay down and do nothing. But aim not to add additional resistance or work up your heart rate too much.


You might feel that because you aren't "working out" you aren't doing much. Rest assured, if you walk even half as much as I did, you'll be more than fine. Embrace the moment and the experience, be present, and if you really have free time and want to get a pump in, look for a local gym and grab a day pass. Enjoy!

Staying Fit While Traveling | The KettleBelle

Online kettlebell classes are effective, and learning on-demand with The KettleBelle allows you to get the benefits of a kettlebell class in your own home or on the go. Next time you're traveling, sign up and take us with you!

If you enjoyed this article or you're traveling soon, leave a comment below! I'd love to hear about where you're going.

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