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Upcoming Events Near Burlington NC this Week

North Carolina has been beautiful the past couple of weeks, although a bit hot some days, and Burlington events have been on the rise. I wanted to keep ya'll in the loop and share some upcoming events near Burlington and Greensboro this week.

Kettlebell Events Near Burlington this Week

Where You Can Find The KettleBelle this June

If you're looking for physical activities this summer, keep a close eye on kettlebell events popping up around the Burlington and Greensboro, North Carolina area.

We will be having kettlebell classes every Saturday at 10AM in Greensboro at Find Your Flow Studio. Other special events are in the works, so keep an eye out and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest details on those and how to sign up.

Closer to home, we've added new kettlebell events for Whitsett, North Carolina out at Red Oak Brewery.

Our virtual events have included my new 6 Week Kettlebell Challenge which has just started for June. Hurry and get into that, there's still time, but this is closing soon and a new group might not open until late July or closer to the fall. There is currently an introductory offer for this, but after this group, the price will go up.

Kettlebell Events in Greensboro, North Carolina

Partnerships are in the works across local bars (bells and brews anyone?), but for now, you can find me Saturdays at Find Your Flow Studio in downtown Greensboro, right in the Gateway Center.

I hold a 45-minute kettlebell endurance class at this location and it's just $15 a class, or you can grab a membership from Find Your Flow, to experience multiple classes. They currently have a special for a 2 Week trial for just $30. This includes a consultation and unlimited classes for those two weeks to try everything from yoga, to strength, to kettlebells, and more. Note: This is for NEW members only*.

I have really enjoyed teaching at this space because they are so open, and inclusive, and align with my values of really ensuring each client stays on their individual journey and not pushing everyone to go faster without accounting for your form. It's so important that you know when you need to pull back, or when you can go harder, and this studio really emulates and encourages that aspect.

Events Near Burlington, North Carolina

I will also be in Whitsett on Wednesdays at Red Oak Brewery (I mean seriously, bells and brews? ...Anyone?) at 6:30 in the afternoon. So right after work, drop on by, bring your bell, get your workout on, and then you can chill with a cold one.

If you've never been to Red Oak it is a lager haus and outdoor biergarten, which tends to hold quite a few events locally from their October Fest to yoga and of course me, kettlebells.

The kettlebell class I hold here is a BYOB (bring your own bell) because my bells are out at the studio and if you've ever transported multiple kettlebells before, you know it's exhausting work.

This will be a 30-minute kettlebell class at Red Oak Brewery in Whitsett! We will go through a quick mobility warm-up during this class before the workout. Focusing on strength, choose a weight that challenges you as we go through a handful of movements before a quick cool down.

Virtual Kettlebell Events by The KettleBelle

Virtually I have been holding a 6-week kettlebell challenge that started June 1st. You can still grab your spot for just $15.99 and you get a slew of things. This is an introductory offer that will end soon and then the price will go up. Another group challenge won't start until July or later this Fall.

Included in the six weeks you get:

  • 6 weeks of planned workouts with follow-along videos and printable PDFs so that you can take these to the gym

  • Exclusive access to an online group to chat and discuss (feel free to ask questions!)

  • Opportunities to send me your videos and get feedback on your form

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Motivational talks

  • Fitness and goal trackers

  • A google sheets fitness tracker to log your weight, track your workouts, etc.

  • And a Completion Badge at the end of the 6 weeks once you do all of your steps

I'm very active in communicating with you throughout the challenge and all you need to get started are a couple of kettlebells. So if you want in, this will be the last week to get into June's group because this group closes at the end of July. Hurry and scoot and sceedaddle on in there!

As more events fill up on the calendar I will let you know on social (@TheKettleBelle) and via email, so be sure to subscribe above to get the deets. Thanks for reading and I hope to see ya'll at some of these events near Burlington and surrounding areas!

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