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Best Fitness Advice on TikTok | North Carolina Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Expert Approved

While TikTok isn’t exactly the place to go for safe and legitimate fitness and nutrition advice, I came across videos I wanted to share. These I really resonate with and therefore, from my perspective and years of experience in the fitness and health industry, am pushing them to some of the best TikTok fitness advice on the app!

Best Fitness Advice on TikTok

First up, we have a trainer, Adam Poehlmann. Adam suggests something fairly simple, which is often the best advice anyways. He advises focusing on health and the aesthetics will simply follow.

In other words, if your focus is on eating right and working out, your body will eventually look fantastic. On the flip side, if we focus on aesthetics first, we tend to lean towards crash diets and anything fast (a.k.a gimmicks or unhealthy ways) to look “great” as fast as possible.

Focus on health and patience and not only will you be healthy, but you’ll look great too!

Next up, Joseph with Jotivation Fitness. Joseph says that starting is the best advice and that for newbies, they tend to see results faster, in a shorter amount of time, and should therefore have the mental strength to be more consistent.

This is true. For someone like myself who has worked out for years, my body is conditioned and it can take me longer to see more drastic results. Similarly, very obese individuals can also struggle here because at first, they might see a lot of progress. This motivates them, it pumps them up. Then, as their body adapts, they run into that plateau and they get discouraged.

This is when we need to reevaluate things and change our workouts, our diet, maybe up the anti. We cannot continue to do the same thing over and over and expect our bodies to continue to show results, we have to continue to progress and remain consistent.

For my beginners out there this one’s for you 🤝❤️ #gymtok #gymadvice #fitnesstips #viral #fyp original sound – Joseph

Finally, I wanted to share a few tips with ya’ll! My tips coincide with everything we have already talked about which includes starting and starting small, staying consistent, not going on crazy crash diets or quick schemes, and keeping your mindset in the right place.

At the end of the day, be kind to yourself and understand that fit and healthy do not coincide with “skinny” or “small”. They are not one in the same. What matters is ultimately how you feel and how you look to yourself. And the more people I’ve asked have said they feel their best when they feel strong and eat fresh foods because it makes them feel good inside and out.

Stay well my friends!

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