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Weekly Kettlebell Workout Plans by The KettleBelle on YouTube

Weekly Kettlebell Workout Plans

The KettleBelle understands the frustration when it comes to planning workouts each week. It's overwhelming to say the least! That's why we have decided to build weekly kettlebell workout plans over on our YouTube channel. This takes out the guesswork for YOU and allows you to focus on your fitness goals. Continue reading to learn what you can expect from our weekly workout plans and subscribe to our channel so you don't miss a thing!

At Home Weekly Kettlebell Workout Plan on YouTube

The goal with weekly kettlebell workout plans over on our YouTube channel is to allow for these workouts to be more accessible to a wider audience. Especially if you are newer to kettlebells, it can be difficult to understand what to expect. Why would you buy anything if you don't understand the goal, effectiveness, or the product?

weekly kettlebell workout plan by the kettlebelle

What to expect from our weekly workout plans

The above image is a great snippet of what you're going to see released on our YouTube Community page each week, beginning this December. If you're subscribed via our website, you will also receive monthly newsletters with more details regarding classes as well.

There are 4 classes per week, the other 3 days I highly recommend active rest. Alternate between walking, and running if you enjoy it, do some yoga, or focus on foam rolling or mobility. The biggest suggestion would be to not lift weights during these days and allow your body to properly recover.

Now, most weeks there will be a new video release. The schedule (as seen above) will state which days a new video will be released. Be sure to subscribe as not to miss that, but it will also get added to the appropriate Playlist.

Which brings me to Playlists. Playlists will be included in the Community Posts along with individual videos for that day. You will understand this more once the community post goes live to announce December Week 1's workout, but for now, trust me - it will be there.

The classes themselves are really me, I am there doing the work with you. Over time I want to hear about what you like or what isn't working so please do leave comments! If you prefer me to not talk let me know. Personally, I think some of the queues are helpful but everyone is different. If I need to invest in better equipment, subscribe and help me get there! I really want to offer the best I can to you and bring you an experience that allows you to feel like we are in the studio together. Please comment and let me know what you like and what's not working, I read them!

What do you need for The KettleBelle's workouts

Great question! Let's discuss what's needed for my workouts. I try not to utilize too much equipment because again, I really want this to be accessible for a wide audience. Whether it's time, space, or money - I want to remove as many blockers for you as possible.

For now, you will just need one kettlebell. Eventually, released you will get into some double kettlebell work, but for now, focus on purchasing just one. If you aren't sure how to choose a kettlebell, head over and read my kettlebell guide.

Why you should follow a weekly workout plan

You're probably wondering why you should follow a weekly workout plan and the benefits. Having a fitness plan is crucial to success in your fitness goals because it lays out and simplifies your plan, making it easier to reach your fitness goals.

A weekly workout plan will take the guesswork out of what you're going to do that day. You can wake up or come home and simply press play and get started. It also keeps things fresh! And it saves you time so you don't have to determine what exercises or how long you will be performing each movement.

You need a workout plan if you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or bored in your fitness journey!

Why you should be doing kettlebell workouts

Kettlebells are an excellent way to engage multiple muscle groups, improve coordination, and enhance stability throughout the body. Many kettlebell exercises involve compound movements that target several muscle groups at once. Examples include kettlebell swings, clean and press, and snatch. These exercises require the activation and coordination of muscles in the legs, hips, core, back, shoulders, and arms.

Kettlebell exercises are especially beneficial for the core muscles. The offset weight of the kettlebell creates an unstable load, which forces the core muscles to work harder to maintain balance and control. Specifically, movements like Turkish get-ups, windmills, and Russian twists target the core muscles, improving stability, strength, and overall functional fitness.

The swinging, ballistic nature of exercises like swings and snatches engages the muscles in your legs and hips, while also challenging your core, back, and shoulders to stabilize and control the movement. These movements are excellent for cardiovascular endurance, improving your heart rate, and increasing stamina.

Moreover, kettlebell exercises can increase joint mobility and enhance overall functional movement patterns. Movements like the kettlebell goblet squat, lunge, and overhead press can improve joint mobility, which is critical for better functional movement.

In summary, kettlebell exercises are efficient, compound movements that engage multiple muscle groups and improve overall functional fitness. They are an excellent way to target core muscles, increase joint mobility, and elevate your heart rate for improved cardiovascular endurance.

Weekly Online Kettlebell Workout Plans | The KettleBelle

Online kettlebell classes are effective, and learning on-demand with The KettleBelle allows you to get the benefits of a kettlebell class in your own home.

Subscribe so you don't miss a workout throughout our weekly online kettlebell workout plans!

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