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Best Online Workouts Burlington Kettlebell Fitness Classes

With so many online workout options, we're going to use this article to dive deeper into on-demand streaming workouts, what they are, and what to look for. Let's review some of the best online workouts and discuss Burlington kettlebell fitness classes both online and in person.

Best Online Workouts Burlington Kettlebell Fitness Classes

Best Online Workouts

At-home workouts have been happening since the 80's ya'll (anyone remember VHS tapes?). Online streaming workouts really skyrocketed during COVID, in 2019 and onward. While people have begun navigating back into gyms and studios since then, the on-demand world's convenience and variety will continue to grow.

What are online workouts and who are they for?

Online workouts are on-demand streaming options and live streaming workouts. On-demand fitness classes are pre-recorded and then uploaded to watch and rewatch at the user's convenience.

Live streaming fitness classes are streamed in real time and are available during a set time and day. The cool thing about live-streaming workout options is that the instructor can provide feedback if your camera is on as well and there might be a chat option. This makes things feel more similar to working out in a gym or taking a group fitness class at your local studio.

Who are online workouts for?

Online workouts are great options if you are looking for convenience because you attend at any time, for however long, and virtually from anywhere. You can do them from the comfort of your own, if you are at a hotel, or on vacation, even in the great outdoors if you have access through your phone's network.

Online fitness classes are also great if you are someone who has gym anxiety and attending a public gym makes you feel lost, self-conscious, and overwhelmed. By attending classes online, the only person who is looking at you is YOU. You can wear whatever you want, grunt if you want, it's your space, your time, and your way.

In my opinion, it can also provide you with a larger variety of exercises versus if you solely went to a gym or were solely at one boutique studio. Most studios tend to focus on one "genre" of exercise or a couple. Think of boot camps, yoga studios, barre studios, etc. Therefore, to have a well-rounded fitness routine, you'd have to be a member of multiple studios which is going to get expensive very quickly. Online workouts and platforms are easier from a trainer's perspective to create and upload different types of workouts.

For example, our library has kettlebell workouts, jump rope workouts, recovery, and more.

What types of online workouts are there?

This is where things get overwhelming. What kinds of online workouts are out there? So many!

From boujee workout platforms that are invite-only, to fitness on-demand that requires a bunch of fancy (and not very functional) expensive equipment. On-demand workouts have truly become #Trending.

There are platforms that focus on specific types of exercise, such as barre or pilates, and there are other platforms that focus mostly on strength training. You should do your research, but I do suggest finding something that is more all-encompassing. If your goal is just to have more fun working out, then you'll get bored doing the same thing again and again. If your goal is to lose weight, you'll want a mix of strength, cardio, and recovery.

Let me help to clarify things to look for in the next section to try to distinguish which platform you would want.

Things to look for in on-demand fitness classes

As I mentioned above, some of these on-demand fitness class platforms do require specific equipment that is expensive and unnecessary. Their goal, to be fair, is to be your one-stop shop and to make more money aside from your monthly or annual membership. But if they are pushing fancy bracelets, pretty weights, or name-branded cycle equipment, I promise you those things are 1) not required for a successful fitness journey and/or 2) you can purchase something similar for half the cost. Now if you just want to be part of their little cult, by all means, do what makes you happy. I just want you to understand that you don't have to shell out a bunch of money for results.

So what should you look for? On-demand fitness classes should consist of 1) variety, 2) qualified professionals, and 3) convenience (i.e. is there an app? Or is it solely available on a computer?). Let's break these down a bit further.

Variety in fitness classes will be important to keep you from getting bored and offer a more balanced workout routine. Look for platforms that do offer strength, endurance, recovery, and then added bonus if they have some yoga! Also, see if they offer streaming and live or if it's solely on-demand classes. This is your preference, I personally have only ever taken one live class but some folks enjoy those more.

You would be surprised to find that some on-demand fitness classes do not have qualified professionals as their trainers and ya'll need to be careful. If you cannot find credentials for these trainers, I urge you not to sign up. Even the mega MLM brand with all the super trainers have trainers on their platform where some trainers state they "have been certified XYZ" but they are no longer. Which boggles my mind!

The last thing to consider is the convenience the platform offers. Some online workout platforms are online available via desktop, while others offer apps, can be streamed, are directly on smart devices, etc.

I really like the idea of having an app so that I can take it anywhere and stream it to my Google TVs. You might be different, you might solely want to workout on your computer or might not have smart devices and therefore the computer works just fine for you.

Pros and Cons of online workouts

As with anything, there are pros and cons of online workouts. Let's walk through a few from a fitness professional's perspective and from my experience as the end user.

Pros of on-demand workouts include convenience, versatility, and variety. Typically, online workouts don't require a lot of space and the majority of on-demand platforms have a moderately full library of workouts.

One of the things I have always enjoyed, truthfully just in working out from home in general, is the convenience to get up, throw on some clothes, and work out. I don't have to shower if I don't want, I'm not around anybody, I can wear what I want, get it done and hope right into the shower afterward and go on about my day.

The cons of working out online include the lack of personalized workout plans, limited professional interactions, and that you are dependent on internet access. My biggest con from a professional experience is that if you are performing a movement wrong, you aren't in front of the coach for them to correct this.

If you are a beginner to fitness, I truly urge you to work 1:1 with someone first to ensure you understand the mechanics and form. If you are more intermediate to advanced, by all means proceed, still with caution.

The KettleBelle Online Kettlebell Workouts

With all of that being said, when I created The KettleBelle I pushed the main focus to being an on-demand online kettlebell fitness class library. We have over 60 different workouts that include kettlebell training, jump rope, recovery, and more. New workouts are added frequently and are planned monthly with 3 workouts a week.

This is great and many on-demand platforms do not do this. I plan your workouts so that when you log on, you can certainly choose from the library, or you can stick to our plan each month. Our online membership also includes PDFs and spreadsheets for the monthly workout programs, there is a free app you can download to take these anywhere, groups to communicate with myself and others so that you can build a community, get feedback, support, and more.

I also open myself up to you sending me your filmed moves so I can critique your form and offer adjustments. With over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, I hold multiple certifications in kettlebell training and have held a personal training certification by ACE. My goal is to inspire people to fall in love with exercise, not to see it as something they "have" to do, but to find the enjoyment of it and reap the emotional, mental, and physical benefits.

Burlington Kettlebell Classes

I do teach in-person, local kettlebell classes around Burlington and Greensboro. While the online aspect is the core of The KettleBelle, I love building relationships with my community and having that in-person experience to ensure folks are performing the moves properly.

If you want to attend an in person kettlebell class around Burlington or Greensboro, feel free to sign up online and follow me on Instagram for the latest class updates, upcoming events, and more!

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