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Free Fitness Online Classes | Online Kettlebell Classes | The KettleBelle

Free Fitness Online Classes | Online Kettlebell Classes | The KettleBelle

There are so many free fitness online classes to choose from, it's a great and convenient way to experience many styles and trainers and see what you enjoy most. The KettleBelle offers free fitness online classes across social media, as well as a 3- day free trial for our online kettlebell classes. Keep reading to learn more!

Free Fitness Online Classes on YouTube

I try to upload a variety of free online fitness classes on YouTube, including jump rope, kettlebells, and more.

You will be able to get a solid understanding of how I train my classes, what kinds of classes you can expect, and you are welcome to comment or ask me any pending questions.

If you like what you see on my YouTube channel, you can head over to my online classes and sign up for a free trial.

Online Kettlebell Classes

The KettleBelle online kettlebell classes offers a variety of online fitness classes for all levels. With three workouts to do each week, you will have full access to our online library as well as three new workouts each month to perform on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

In addition to the online workouts, you will also get access to the written workouts via printable PDFs and Google Spreadsheets for easy tracking!

On-demand access also comes with an accompanied group for a community feel and support. As a kettlebell coach, it is my goal to ensure your questions are answered, so please ask! I am also open to reviewing your form if you post them in the group or DM me videos via Instagram.

Free Online Fitness Classes Using a Jump Rope

A lot of people have really been looking for free online fitness classes using a jump rope. I have a few of these available on my channel where you can utilize a corded or cordless jump rope. Jump rope is a great way to get in cardio and build your endurance. To ensure you are ready for a jump rope workout, make sure you properly warm up first.

Feel free to head over to my Youtube channel and experience a Cordless Jump Rope HIIT workout.

Other Free Online Fitness Classes

Another place I love to find other free online fitness classes includes Living Fit, which is also one place through which I am certified. Living Fit has some amazing and knowledgeable trainers and they offer paid and free online fitness classes and programs.

I encourage you to really sift through Youtube, but I also caution you due to the overwhelming amount of videos posted by uncredentialled influencers and "trainers".

Free Online Fitness Classes | The KettleBelle

Online kettlebell classes are effective, and learning on-demand with The KettleBelle allows you to get the benefits of a kettlebell class in your own home. Even when choosing free online fitness classes, it is important to look for quality and educated coaches and instructors. I hold multiple certifications and am very active in the kettlebell community. My main focus is to ensure my clients have the foundational moves in able to prevent injury and continue to level up.

If there is a free online fitness class you would like to see, comment below and let me know or sign up and start your free 3-day trial with The KettleBelle.

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