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Juneteenth Asheville, NC Getaway

Hello Beauties! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Before we get too far into this week’s post, can we take a moment to appreciate that Juneteenth is finally recognized as a federal holiday? Ya’ll, it took us far too long to observe the emancipation of slavery, but all good things take time and progress is being made.

Weekend Getaway to Asheville, NC

On another note, my person and I took the extended weekend to enjoy a little time away in the beautiful, eccentric Asheville, North Carolina.

Our studio, loft-style barn stay was quiet aside from the acorns dropping on the metal roof which quickly led to my person questioning the safety of his car.

Luckily, no busted windshields rained on our parade during our stay. Speaking of rain, the sky remained clear as well. Clear enough to hold a fire our first evening there where we roasted turkey franks, made s’mores, and cranked up some tunes to dance and sing to.

Since our fire started around five or six, we navigated the treeline and woods nearby and scavenged for extra sticks to keep our fire roaring as we waited for the sun to set and stars to light up the mountain sky.

The next day, we headed into Black Mountain and enjoyed a beautiful breakfast at the Open Oven Café before driving to downtown Asheville, where we explored multiple, eclectic shops and even walked thirteen minutes through downtown, across the highway, and out to west Asheville in search of a very specific coffee shop – Starbucks. Yes, we walked for thirteen minutes, which was not the initial plan, but somehow when we travel together, we always end up in crazy shenanigans.

Breakfast eaten, shopping done, exercise in, and coffee in hand, we trapezed back through downtown to find our car and head on down to Catawba River for some tubing where we drifted for nearly two and a half hours, saw some ducks and turtles, hit some rafts, and hit swimming holes where people on the banks were climbing up a rope to swing out and jump into the river.

After tubing, we were exhausted and went back to our barn to bake a pizza and watch the Clovehitch Killer, a perfect flick for this Crime Junkie.

I hope you enjoyed a fun, relaxing, and safe weekend as well!

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