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How to Get Started with Kettlebells At Home on a Budget

If you haven’t yet, be sure to checkout my post if you are brand new to using kettlebells and getting into kettlebell flows. If you’re ready purchase kettlebells and get yourself set up at home, keep reading!

How to Get Started with Kettlebells At Home on a Budget

Where to Buy Kettlebells Near Burlington North Carolina

Kettlebells can get pretty pricey, I won’t lie. There are adjustable options, but I enjoy getting the gold old cast iron bells, restoring them, and then painting them however I want.

If you are in the Greensboro or Burlington area, we have a place called Play it Again Sports. Greensboro’s typically has bells around 15 pounds to about 60 pounds – they have a great selection. Play it Again Sports is used sports equipment, so do a quick Google search in your area to see if there is one or something similar and take a look! Here, a used 40lb bell will run about $75 and they go up – that’s for one.

How to Learn Kettlebells Online and At Home

If you’re new to kettlebells and looking to learn, I got you. To learn kettlebells at home and online, join me on Domumgym or feel free to message me on Instagram with any kettlebell questions.

Getting the foundations down and understanding proper form and your bell are of the utmost importance. I hope to see you in class!

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