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How to Stay Motivated | 21-Day Total Body Toning Program | FINAL WEEK

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

You’ve made it to Week 3 folks, congratulations! As we head into our final week I wanted to give you some last-minute motivation to stay strong and push through this! As we close out the 21-day total body program remember where you started and keep reading to overcome your mental struggles.

How to Stay Motivated Even When You Aren’t Feeling It

Staying motivated in your daily life, school, physical activity, career, or anything can be difficult. But we have to find ways to combat that and persevere.

Why are you lacking motivation?

Social Media

Social media causes us to compare ourselves and our lives to other people. It can cause us to doubt ourselves, feel inadequate, and ultimately lead to depression and make us question “why bother?”

I highly advise you to take a good long social media break. Instead of scrolling through social media, try spending time with friends or reading a book in real life.

Overextending Yourself

Overextending yourself can look like taking on too many responsibilities simultaneously. By the end, you’re stressed, worn out, or both.

Try to prioritize things that without a doubt require your attention. Things such as your family. Set other, less important tasks to the side while you spend some time on yourself.

Regaining Your Motivation

Set Small Goals

One thing that can cause us to lose motivation is by setting these HUGE goals. Depending on your fitness level and what else is going on in your life, your goals may be smaller than mine.

Set small, attainable goals so that you are far more likely to reach them and will feel successful. As you succeed, you will want to continue and push through.

Develop Rewards

Rewards are not just for kids. Rewarding yourself can look like a favorite meal, a new pair of shoes, or maybe a trip to the salon. Either way, don’t forget to reward yourself. Every step, every moment counts for something and you should take pride in the smallest of wins.

Keep pushing through. You’ve got this and I am so proud of what you’ve done! Let’s finish this!

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